Over 1,700 Bags of Groceries Delivered! 


Over 1,700 bags of groceries delivered.  

Over $14,000.00+ of groceries donated to those in need.

Lord thank you!


Our Goal:

To continue to serve in 2021 those that request our assistance during these unprecedented times with the delivery of groceries.  


Prayer Request:

Pray that saints will volunteer to deliver and pray for those that request our service. 

Pray that a remnant will volunteer to pray and follow up with those that we serve. 

Pray churches would come together as the CHURCH, coordinate their efforts and impact Rockland County as ONE CHURCH, GOD'S CHURCH! 



We have been offered temporarily space to store dry goods at the Stony Point Center.  We would like your Church to consider sponsoring one rack of one dry food item.   Example, your Church would commit to keeping a rack of pasta or pasta sauce or beans, etc. full.  This would help keep the expenses down.  We will still purchase fresh meats, dairy products, fruits and vegetables twice per week. 

Please call 845 288-2899 for more information.


Looking Forward:

 We will continue to serve seniors that live on a fixed budget and have had to make decisions on the medication vs. food vs. shelter... Families that have been affected by COVID-19 directly and indirectly and do not qualify for any government assistance.  Survivors of crime – primarily domestic violence, human trafficking, sexual assault, child abuse and hate crimes.



The CHURCH to help identify those in need in your communities.

Volunteers willing to fulfill grocery orders requested at the Stony Point Center and Aldi in Nanuet. 

Volunteers to deliver groceries, assess what further assistance is needed and pray for the recipients of orders.  

Prayer Worriers that will pray for the ministry, volunteers, and those we serve.

The CHURCH to come as ONE and coordinate their efforts to serve Rockland more efficiently.


As the needs continue to rise donations are appreciated to help the continuation of our mission.

Donations may be made to Good News Association 

via Paypal, Vemo or check mailed to:

Good News Association, 169 S. Main St #310, New City, NY 10956